Celebration of Learning: Online Showcase-Online Content

Presenters: Megan Bomer, Math; Christin Gustafson, Chemistry; Brandy Thatcher, Instructional Media; Patrice Hess, Online Learning

Megan’s Showcase and Tips
Megan described a structured assignment progression she uses for students interacting with text material, online videos and online ‘applets’ (interactive game-type exercises) to work and solve math problems.  Megan noted she sometimes uses this assignment structure to have students work through material not covered in class.
Start with basic test reading assignments first;
Develop worksheet-type structured assignments with embedded links; Megan uses videos from Khan Academy to demonstrate how to work problems;
Present a similar problem to students, changing variables from the problem they saw demonstrated;
Link students to online activities to practice problems (applets available for math);
Take students back to the text to bring the learning experience full-circle.

Christin’s Showcase and Tips
Christin also uses the Khan Academy videos but for Chemistry;
Students in Chemistry are required to purchase a $230 text; Christin’s investigation of online content is motivated by finding enough high-quality resources to exclude a required course text – she believes this is possible but still has more work to do.
Collect and add resources every semester, expanding the links provided in each chapter;
Use applets for practice problems – they generally have an endless number of possibilities and can be reused by students;
Students tend to prefer online activities over assigned text exercises, such as the questions at the end of the chapter;
Look for videos on YouTube and TeacherTube (a YouTube-like resource with academic content) demonstrating or explaining course concepts or problems – link them into your content and assignments;
Applets and other online content can often be downloaded by students to mobile devices and used offline.
A sampling of the links and applets Christin uses:

Finding and Using Online Content
ICC TLC’s delicious page for online content, learning objects (a ‘webliography’ of online content links organized by tag/keyword): http://www.delicious.com/tlcicc/learningobjects
Look for links to these great resources within the webliography: MERLOT, The Scout Report, ATE Central, AMSER (MERLOT will provide content in all disciplines; The Scout Report is a newsletter highlighting new content; ATE and AMSER provide mainly technology, math and science resources.)

Brandy’s How-To’s
Embed content in a Blackboard site: I will work on creating a quick video that shows how to find the embed code, copy it and paste it into Blackboard, I will add it to the TLC YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/iccTLC/
SPLICD: http://www.splicd.com; allows you to isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides you with a link or embed code; How to use it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBn_hbnnkUM
MashUp function in Blackboard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Pk3zCVwFKE
Embed Twitter feed in a Blackboard Site: http://bthat.blogspot.com/2010/06/twitter-integration-for-course.html
VocabAhead: http://www.vocabahead.com/; see the Teachers button: http://www.vocabahead.com/Teachers/tabid/118/Default.aspx; create a free account, create a customized list of words and then create a widget and copy the embed code to an item in Blackboard.
SoftChalk Connect: http://www.softchalkconnect.com; see the Getting Started page: http://www.softchalkconnect.com/gettingstarted
How to use SoftChalk to develop content: http://www.icc.edu/innovation/resources/softchalk/; currently several brief how to videos and examples, Quick Reference guide published there soon.
How to contact Brandy Thatcher for more assistance: bthatcher@icc.edu or 694-5306, ICC Media Developer

ICC Library, Online Content
ICC has a subscription to Films on Demand;
Films on Demand video can be embedded into Blackboard;
Widgets and gadgets for library databases and other online content are available;
For more information or assistance, contact Brittany Osika, brittany.osika@icc.edu, 694-5463 or Michelle Nielsen-Ott, michelle.nielsenott@icc.edu, 694-5617.

*Remember* :: Online content is on the web, linked or embedded into your site (unless you’ve gone through the extra steps of downloading  and storing the content locally); check your links frequently!

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