Blackboard Tools: Tips for promoting academic integrity

Here is a “laundry list” of suggestions for promoting academic integrity in online testing in Blackboard.  Remember, there is no 100% reliable solution!  Develop relationships with students; get to know them and their work.  Deliver and manage an online course that requires frequent and meaningful engagement!  Use more than one method to evaluate student achievement.  Never use only online objective-type tests to determine a student’s grade.

In Blackboard, try these tools, combining two or more if desired:

  1. Administer the test one question at a time;
  2. Present the test questions in a random order;
  3. Select test questions randomly from a pool or pools of questions;
  4. Present the test answers to objective-type questions in random order for each student;
  5. Present essay/short answer questions requiring students to apply information and knowledge to course concepts;
  6. Time the test, allowing for enough time to read and complete the test for an average student (consider question presentation format, reading comprehension requirements and time necessary to answer the question);
  7. Set the test to ‘force completion’ so the student must start and end the test in one sitting, the test cannot be started, saved and resumed later;
  8. Withhold showing the correct answers to questions until all students have completed the test;
  9. Require proctored testing (making accommodations for students who cannot visit an ICC campus but who would need to make arrangements for a local testing center; test proctoring is not prohibited but can present logistical challenges for the instructor and students! Check with a TLC or Testing Center staff member for more information about proctoring online class tests.)
  10. Eliminate objective-type tests as a measure of student achievement, replacing that measure with applied projects, discussion, individual and group assignments, etc.

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