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Blackboard Users Conference 2011

ICC Instructional Technologists Gayle Blodgett and Jeff Maston attended and presented at the 2011 Blackboard Users Conference (hosted by SLATE).  The conference was held October 13 and 14 at the Gleacher Center, University of Illinois-Chicago.  See: Gayle and Jeff’s compilation of session notes, including Blackboard tips and strategies; See also the Slate Conference Blog for 2011:

Summary of notes topics: simple clicker/Blackboard integration; wikis, communication and collaboration; assessment; Google Docs

Need help with Blackboard? Contact the ICC Teaching and Learning Center,, 694-8908 or 240A on the East Peoria Campus


October 2011 Update

Summary of information and activities related to the ICC Online Learning Task Force (OLTF) and the Virtual Campus initiative:

  1. ICC Online Learning Task Force Virtual Campus Status :: a list of current activities and short-term future tasks;
  2. Artifacts collected for the ICC October Board of Trustees meeting :: provided at the meeting were copies of the Online Degrees and Certificates list and the first page of the Fall 2010 Illinois University and College Distance Learning enrollments;
  3. Current ICC online learning data:
    1. Enrollment comparisons
    2. Course success and withdrawal
    3. Percent fill
    4. Section offerings
  4. An update on online tutoring;
  5. An update on online COMM212 Public Speaking.