eLearning on Pinterest

Have you started pinning yet? Here is an eLearning board: http://pinterest.com/wiredinstructor/e-learning-and-online-teaching/

I’ve been debating between ScoopIt and Tumblr for an expansion of this blog but didn’t consider Pinterest. This whole “curation” phenomena amazes me. How are you using (or would you use?) these tools in teaching and learning??

5 responses to “eLearning on Pinterest

  1. I have been experimenting with Pinterest myself so this is great timing. I look forward to what others are doing with this (and related tools).

  2. I use Pinterest all the time — just haven’t used it for “work stuff” — I will see what I find out there…

  3. I’m very curious about this because I love teaching visually; however, since I’m unfamiliar with this program, I have no ideas about how to use this in the classroom. Do the pictures link you to information, or is this just a pictoral grouping of ideas for comment?

  4. My students love Pinterest. I have not used it yet

  5. Michelle Nielsen Ott

    I love pinterest. I pin things everyday, mostly craft ideas. But there is a lot of other stuff you can pin. I have thought about starting a pinterest account for the library. The Peoria Public Library is pinning.

    I have also just started to look at http://www.clipix.com/ a pinterest competitor from what I can tell. Very similar but has a few different features like private boards.

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