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All you need is…content? And then you will complete an online class?

Capella University announced they are offering free online access to tutorial content on the web:

The “free online tutorials, courses, etc.” continues to defy me.  There is a huge movement to put content online, making it free and accessible to the world. This is all fine and dandy EXCEPT for – what is the REAL expectation in using this content?  How many MIT, Yale and Harvard free online classes have YOU taken this spring? Don’t get me wrong – I think there is GREAT value in finding this content online, especially for faculty and instructional developers who are creating or refreshing online classes.  Having access to online content to integrate or at least inspire and influence our classes is awesome.  However, I just cannot grasp the feasibility and practicality that these free online courses are truly “accessible” to the “typical” community college or even undergraduate student. So why are these big schools investing in this movement?  What are they gaining and how does their return on investment measure up?  I just don’t get it.

What do you think?  What role do these resources play in our big-picture view of online education?  What are we missing by not tapping in to them?  What can we avoid if we avoid them?

Here is MIT’s free online courses website:
Here are Yale’s:
And here is Harvard’s:
Just to name a few…


ICC newest Master Online Teacher

Please join me in congratulating Earl (Anthony) White, ICC Public Services, on earning the Master Online Teacher certificate from the Illinois Online Network.

Anthony joins the other 12 faculty and staff at ICC who have earned this certificate of distinction.  See this web page for more information about the Illinois Online Network Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality Master Online Teacher certificate program and ICC’s list of Master Online Teachers:

See the MVCR website for more information:

Ivy Tech, online ‘courses’ or CLEP-prep?

Check out today’s article in Inside Higher Ed on Pearson and Ivy Tech’s plans to offer online no-teacher, no-lecture, self-paced general education ‘courses’.

IMHO, this ‘brokerage’ doesn’t seem too appealing but perhaps there is something we should learn from it.  What do you think?, ICC featured in AACC ITC article digest

The consortium, website launch and specifically ICC were mentioned in Chris Mullins’ article digest this week. Chris is the executive director of the Instructional Technology Council of AACC, of which we are a member.  Reps from were at the AACC conference promoting the consortium (and of course hoping to recruit new members.)

We have an badge on our Virtual Campus web page,, and continue to look for ways to fully participate and benefit from the consortium.  The website is a start and as the state authorization requirements continue to unfold, we may see a bigger return on investment in that area.

Although we haven’t seen a flood of new students from our connections, the staff members have been very responsive to our input and ICC has helped shape the purpose and function of the consortium.  Thanks for the opportunity to participate!