Ivy Tech, online ‘courses’ or CLEP-prep?

Check out today’s article in Inside Higher Ed on Pearson and Ivy Tech’s plans to offer online no-teacher, no-lecture, self-paced general education ‘courses’.


IMHO, this ‘brokerage’ doesn’t seem too appealing but perhaps there is something we should learn from it.  What do you think?

One response to “Ivy Tech, online ‘courses’ or CLEP-prep?

  1. Well, what I learned from reading this article is instructors are a must in the distance learning environment.

    Students who don’t know any better will take these Propero courses and will probably find themselves taking whatever shortcuts they need to complete the course as fast as possible and not learning much of anything in the process. There is also no accountability here, it will probably be very easy for students to begin these classes and just as easy to fall out of the routine because no one is holding them to a schedule. Now they are without an education and out their money as well. Finally, I have a problem with isolating students. How do they learn from others in order to expand how they think about things? They are simply learning (?) the cookie cutter things contained in the course but not using what they have learned to discuss and learn from others.

    I’m glad I read the article so I know what is out there. I just hope to read a follow up article in the not-to-distant future that the idea flopped 🙂

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