“Easy A’s may be even easier to score these days, with the growing popularity of online courses.”

“This past semester, he spent just 25 to 30 minutes each week on an online science course, the time it took him to take the weekly test. He never read the online materials for the course and never cracked open a textbook. He learned almost nothing. He got an A.”

Talk amongst yourselves…

One response to “Cheating

  1. Right now in my classes I give chapter quizzes for each chapter – 20 questions worth 1/2 point each. I use a random block with the book publisher’s questions and let the students take the quiz as many times as they want, showing the correct answers each time. An easy A? Yes. But I do believe that there is learning going on for my 10 points.
    In the case of the article, the students at least learned about teamwork. It is too bad that those tests were the only assessment for the class. I think tests need to be balanced with papers and other assignments.

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