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Our roles in combating fraud, helping students get the aid they need

Excellent article in Inside Higher Ed today:

I could not agree more with Chris Mullins of ITC.  Making rules about limiting funding to online students is discrimination.  Our roles in combating fraud are strongest not in denying online students aid but in being diligent about reporting never- and non-attenders (students who have not “shown up” or who not made substantive contributions to the class).

We are personally responsible for NOT allowing students to enroll in our online ICC classes and collect aid without doing the work.  But to categorically deny aid for living expenses of online students is ridiculous.  Apparently someone in the federal government thinks rent and Ramen noodles in cyberspace are free?  <grin>  Your thoughts?


Webinar July 10 on Conflicted Facutly report

There is a free webinar on the Conflicted Faculty report mentioned in the June post.  The webinar is Tuesday, July 10 at 12noon CST.

To sign up:

If you participate, come back to the 5th campus blog to post your comments!