What advice 2nd year faculty had for new faculty…

  1. While teaching, keep a log of what went well and what you want to change the next time; also note classroom policies you may have to document or expand on in the next iteration of your course syllabus, even keeping a working draft of your syllabus during the current semester so you’ve collected the revisions for the next semester;
  2. Connect and collaborate with colleagues, avoid eating lunch at your desk every day;
  3. Get to know staff in student service and support areas (Learning Lab, the Studio, Math Lab, TRiO, Access Services, Counseling)  and refer students to services and support when needed;
  4. Be a responsible of consumer of college information shared through email, eNews, and the college website;
  5. Take part in activities outside of teaching, ICC offers a broad array of cultural, entertainment, and athletic activities beyond the classroom;
  6. Know of and use the services provided by ICC Document Services;
  7. Know of and use the services provided by the Teaching and Learning Center;
  8. Remember you have the liberty to think before acting if pressured by a student concern or issue – tell the student you have heard the concern and need to get back to the student with next steps – confer with colleagues when necessary;
  9. Check out classrooms in advance to know of the room setup and technology available in the room – have a backup plan if technology fails (but be sure to report problems to the Help Desk or the department so they can be resolved, and if your classroom does not offer the technology you need, work with AV for delivery of portable equipment);
  10. Know your students, your yourself – work to personalize teaching and learning but know the boundaries of professional relationships;
  11. Know that students will look to you for advisement – know the program you’re teaching in or know where to refer students who might need additional assistance with goal and course planning;
  12. Use assessment techniques, especially when teaching for the first time – consistently reflecting upon, analyzing, and striving to continuously improve your teaching guides you to better teaching;
  13. Acknowledge the presence of technology in our classrooms and lives – set clear policies for use of phones, tablets, computers, and other devices in class and leverage the use of the devices as learning tools if desirable;
  14. Remember that while teaching, you are still learning as well and that’s OK;
  15. Encourage students to self-advocate, suggesting to them they use the services and use the tools available to help them and know what services and support are available so you can refer them;
  16. Have fun;
  17. Know that many students will be working, juggling family responsibilities, and going to school but find ways to inspire and motivate students to do the best at everything they’re doing;
  18. Know that student and faculty perceptions do not always align – use positive communication strategies and document difficult situations if needed;
  19. Seek, when necessary, the assistance of Campus Safety and Security, 694-5111 or x5111;
  20. Know and use your resources as a faculty member and an employee of the college; Human Resources, Academic Affairs, the Teaching and Learning Center, Custodial Services, Mail Services…and more!
  21. Know you are not alone – take part in the cooperative community of Illinois Central College – participate in discipline, department, division, and college meetings and gatherings to be an informed and contributing member of the college community.
  22. Identify a reliable ‘go to’ person (mentor or other) who can be a trusted source of guidance when you need to ask questions or for assistance.

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