August Celebration of Learning General Session – Opening

For what it’s worth, here are notes (my perspective) from the opening of the August Celebration of Learning General Session…

Ron Howell’s address used a superhero metaphor.  Educators are superheroes; our enemies are ignorance and apathy; we defeat ignorance with knowledge; we conquer apathy with action; allies are those we count on when we are in trouble.  Always remember to listen.

State of the College 2012 – Dr. Erwin

  • Non-Traditional Students – down in number of students, up in number of credit hours; we have smaller high school graduating classes from our 37 feeder schools
  • Online Course Credit Hours – up
  • Adult Community Programs – down in participants
  • Distinct Graduates (not previously earning a degree or certificate from ICC) – down
  • African American Success – down
  • Developmental Success – even
  • Satisfaction – would you recommend ICC?  Down on the Student Satisfaction Inventory
  • Foundation Funds – up $1M
  • Health Care Savings – up (good)
  • Operational Costs – down (good)

Goals for this year:

  • Retention of first-time full-time students; goal 73.5%, currently 71.9%
  • Course Success of African American Students; goal 54.1%, currently 52.6%
  • Virtual Campus Enrollment; goal 11,359, currently 10,816
  • Workforce Readiness; develop new programs

Also noted in Dr. Erwin’s address – Pension Reform – future options may include: choose receiving current cost of living adjustment but freeze salary and give up health care in retirement; or, lesser cost of living adjustment but retain salary increases and health care.

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