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Moodle demo

Mark DuBois and Brandy Thatcher demonstrated their Moodle sites as part of ICC’s course management system needs assessment process.  Here are some notes I captured during the demo, specifically highlights of the features of Moodle.  If desired, we could gather comparative information on the features of Moodle and Blackboard.  If you are a current Blackboard or Moodle user who would want to compare the features for us, please let me know!

Mark’s demo:

  1. SCORM Content: (Sharable Content Object Reference Model).  Not sure what this is?  Check out the Wikipedia entry to get started with learning more:
  2. Workshop – like peer and instructor review with feedback functions
  3. Lessons – organized content with tracking and reporting
  4. Activities – assignments, chat, feedback/voting/reporting, forums, glossaries, quizzes, surveys, wikis
  5. Resources – books, files, folders, URL’s
  6. Display views – for desktop, mobile devices
  7. Questions from participants:
    1. How about the gradebook?  Displays name, email address, scores, individual grade reports; allows for download and importing items; can navigate among classes in gradebook view; allows rapid grading with rubrics and copy and paste comments
    2. Does Moodle require more tech skill?  Yes & No.  Can build a course with the base environment; text box editor and tools provided; but somewhat steeper learner curve if advanced content is used; but a standard among web professionals, teaching web tech, students in web tech

Brandy’s demo:

  1. In-line editing of content (although single column display and scrolling necessary is somewhat frustrating at times)
  2. Lessons – tracking reports amount of time spent in the lesson, number of questions completed, lesson statistics, and allows for embedded questions
  3. Participants – displays last access, other courses in which user is enrolled, activity report
  4. Side columns – displays Announcements, Twitter badge, course resources
  5. Grading summary – # of submissions, last modified, grade

Mark DuBois is willing to set up a user account for anyone who is interested in logging in to the test site in Moodle.  Contact Mark, for more information.

ICC will also offer a demonstration of Desire2Learn led by representatives from Parkland College.  Details of the D2L demo are not yet finalized.  Stay tuned to email for an announcement.

Questions or additional follow-up on the course management system needs assessment?  Contact Patrice at


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Thinking about a MOOC?

For anyone considering participating in a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course), this might be a good one:  The course begins October 8, 2012. If you participate, let us know how it goes…

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