Remote Proctoring Devices

One of ICC advisors, in working with a transfer student, came across this information.  Students entering SIU’s Business and Accounting undergraduate programs (online) have to purchase a camera at $250 and pay $50 annually in fees to have their online tests remotely proctored via video camera.  Your thoughts regarding this approach? The fees?

One response to “Remote Proctoring Devices

  1. Wow . . . my brother-in-law teaches graduate law courses for a big name East coast school. Cheating is a known, commonly discussed problem because students just want the degree so they can begin their high income careers. Expensive proctoring equipment might work for a situation like that; however, this would be a huge strike against online learning for our students. The very pool of folks that we just worked to make learning accessible to would have to seriously reconsider higher education. I’m not convinced we need something this radical, and I, personally, am confident that the measures in place in Blackboard (time control, no backtracking, etc.) work for the courses I teach. My colleagues in other fields may feel differently — we need to find different means for maintaining academic honesty that aren’t cost prohibitive for our students.

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