OTAAG Dec 4, 2014

Borrowing from University of Wisconsin – Stout Tech Tips newsletter for today’s post on online discussions.

Full newsletter online: https://t.e2ma.net/message/c8e8e/s0bd8d
Online discussion passage with links pasted below.

Designing Thought-Provoking Online Discussions

Explore how experts design and manage online discussions to promote deeper learning. Discover the power of well-crafted discussion prompts to spark learners’ motivation and enhance participation.
15 Tips for Facilitating Online Discussions
Katie Lepi shares Mia MacMeekin’s excellent infographic containing 15 tips for effective online facilitation, as well as 11 discussion prompts that stimulate conversation and encourage students to “dig deeper.”
Generating and Facilitating Engaging and Effective Online Discussions
The University of Oregon’s Teaching Effectiveness Center has developed a comprehensive guide to exemplary online discussions including: strategies for effective dialogue, writing good questions, and classroom examples.
The Art of the Discussion Prompt
Alex Joppie describes how to set goals, guidelines, and expectations for discussions, and how to deal with common issues such as students posting incorrect information.
How to Facilitate Robust Online Discussions
Debbie Morrison shows how to develop and sustain dialogue by a) creating ‘good’ and ‘right’ questions, and b) guiding discussions to support meaningful discourse.
The Art and Science of Successful Online Discussions
Stephanie Maher Palenque and Meredith DeCosta summarize four dispositions for a productive online discussion: discuss to comprehend, discuss to critique, discuss to construct knowledge, and discuss to share.
Online Discussion Rubric
Joan Vandervelde’s rubric provides an excellent framework for guiding students to write quality discussion posts.

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