Taking online classes can help you earn a degree

Two articles below pasted from the regular digest sent by the Instructional Technology Council – an awesome resource for community college and instructional technology news.

Students Taking Online Courses have Lower Course Completion Rates, but Higher Degree Completion Rates “A couple of weeks ago our blog noted a study showing that in California community colleges, students had lower completion rates in online courses than in face-to-face courses. The post was based on an article in US News & World Report from The Hechinger Report. Now comes an important addition to the story via these same sources, pointing out that in community colleges, students who take distance education classes (that are mostly online) are more likely to finish their degrees than students who don’t take any online classes.” http://www.kpk12.com/blog/2015/05/in-post-secondary-education-students-taking-online-courses-have-lower-course-completion-rates-but-higher-degree-completion-rates/ via Keeping Pace with K-12 Distance Learning RT @PhilOnEdTech

The Online Paradox at Community Colleges “Community college students who take online courses are more likely—25 percent more likely to be exact—to complete their two-year associate degree or some sort of certificate than students who didn’t take any online classes. Not only are online course takers more likely to graduate, they’re more likely to graduate sooner than students who don’t take any online classes, Shea also found.” http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/05/11/the-online-paradox-at-community-colleges via USNews


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