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Online Faculty Fellows Showcase – January 2016

Congratulations to the Fall 2015 Online Faculty Fellows participants!  See our program web page and a list of participants here:

During January Celebration of Learning, participants shared before and after glimpses of their Online Fellows projects from fall 2015.  Here are a few tips taken from those presentations.

  1. Provide general technical resources for students in your Blackboard sites.  Link students to for guides for email, Blackboard, and academic support.
  2. Plan for a week of getting started and oriented activities.  Focus the first week’s activities on getting to know how the course works, and assessing students’ readiness for successfully completing your class.
  3. Carefully assess your content.  Do you have enough rigor to support the credit hours earned in the class?  Use the latest version of ICC’s Quality Online Course Initiative rubric (QOCI) to measure your weekly activity content.  See pages 3 and 4 of this document.
  4. Provide students with descriptions of units and explicit instructions on how to complete a unit, not just the content within the unit.
  5. Consider how you would teach this class in-person, then attempt to match the rigor and level of engagement through online delivery.  For example, if you teach a T/Th class, you’d interact in-person two times a week with students.  In an online class, you might simulate this by updating content and communication two times a week as well.
  6. Set dates so announcements that are no longer needed disappear from the main Announcements page, to avoid distractions and clutter (but keep the message on your Announcements page if needed).
  7. Use Announcements to preview upcoming events and weeks in the class.
  8. Have someone else take a tour through your site and provide feedback on the ease of navigation.  Make changes as needed.
  9. When possible replace text heavy content with more appealing and effective images.
  10. Aim to make your online class site “browsable”, like a good website.