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From Access to Quality?

Sloan-C, a well-known organization for online learning, is offering a new workshop on online quality.  Sloan’s description for this workshop is pasted below.  Our Online Learning Task Force is addressing and will continue to do more work on ‘quality’ as it relates to online learning at ICC.  Last fall you had the opportunity to complete a survey about course development, delivery and quality assurance and we’ll share and discuss the results this spring.  We’ll be revising or at least revisiting our own course development rubric and we’ll continue to investigate other course development and assessment tools such as Quality Matters and the CA Chico Rubric.  We also have two task force members engaged in the ION Master Online Teacher workshop on quality assurance this spring.

Weigh in on this after reading the description below – what do you think?  Are we on track?  Where are we headed?  What should we be most concerned about?  What should we not allow to concern us? Is it safe/enough for us to say we’ll assign, design, develop and deliver quality education online just like we do it in-person?  Why or why not?  How are we going to know when we’re at least starting the move from access to quality?  Or should we?  Add your comments to this blog entry to join in the conversation.

Retrieved January 29, 2012 from Sloan-C:

“Online education’s first era was all about providing access. The second era is more about improving quality — not just for online education, but for all education. Unfortunately, most ideas about the cyberization of education advocate narrow, oversimplified viewpoints about how to improve the quality of online education. Online learning practitioners need a broader, unifying perspective – one that accommodates multiple perspectives and integrates these viewpoints into a larger context by showing how to move online education from access to quality improvement.”